Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Lil' Miesters Love Johngy's Beat has some new fans...The Lil' Miesters.  These kids love Johngy's Beat and the feeling is mutual.  More proof is coming, but first a little background info.
Thomas Barnett is a freelance artist who started an independent comics publishing company with his pal Josh Nolan.  We interviewed Thomas at C2E2 2012 and at Wizard World 2012.
Thomas created The Lil' Miesters, a comic strip about a group of kids and their unique spins on life.  They are sort of like the Peanuts gang, although with a bit more edge.  Anyway you describe them, you must call them amusing and interesting.
Don't just take my word on it.  Go to The Lil' Miesters Facebook page or their new home on  I guarantee you will laugh.
Earlier, I promised some proof of Johngy's Beat gaining new fans.  The proof is below!