Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Beat at Supreme Wrestling Entertainment

I first met Sexy KC at a POWW wrestling event in the Chicago area.  Sexy KC is a talented wrestler, although he has a bit of an attitude problem and wrestles as a villain.  Nevertheless, the man recognized talent and told the folks at Supreme Wrestling Entertainment, his usual wrestling base, about
Fortunately, the folks at Supreme Wrestling Entertainment are much nicer than KC.  They invited me and my Wrestle Beat co-host Scott Beatty to Rubicon (WI) for a night of SWE action.  Scott and I made the trek for the Extreme Halloween show on October 13.
The first good sign was their decorations for the Halloween-themed event.  They put a lot of attention to details and put real care in everything.  It wasn't just some pumpkins and witches taped to the walls.  Sometimes, the little things leave impressions.
The rest of the night got even better.  The place was packed with rabid (but not obnoxious) fans, who cheered and booed all night and basically had a fun time.  The wrestling action was excellent.  We witnessed technical wrestling, tough brawling and a bit of high flying.  A couple matches spilled into the audience (with one going all the way to the hallway and restrooms before returning to the ring).  The wrestling was as good as I have seen on the indy scene.
The entire SWE staff was fun and polite.  The drinks were reasonably priced.  They had cool merchandise, including trading cards!!
Indy wrestling can be all over the board.  SWE was right on target though.  They delivered an exciting night of wrestling suitable and entertaining for all ages.
We met a few of the wrestlers prior to the night of action and the rest after the matches ended.  We got interviews with virtually all of the SWE talent there, even that nasty KC (although I let Scott handle that one).  I could write about each one, but I would rather let them via their interviews tell you all about themselves.
I will start with the champ, Storm.  Storm is working on a fan page.  Until then, find him on
Thankfully, Scott interviewed Sexy K.C.  For more info on K.C.check out the Sexy K.C. Facebook page.
The Dream Police are an entertaining tag team.  Check out the Dream Police Facebook page for info on them.
Chase McCoy is as unique and colorful as his hair.  Learn more about him on the Chase McCoy Facebook page.
Bruce Allen is the good ol' boy.  Follow Bruce on the Good Ole Boy Bruce Allen Facebook page.
SWE has a crazy GM.  Actually, it is Krazy Gorman.  Check out the Krazy Gorman Facebook page for more Kraziness.
Cool is Silk E. Fine, manager of stars at SWE.  Bask in his silkiness at the Silk E. Fine Facebook page.
Butchie Davis is special in many ways.  Check out the Butchie Davis Facebook page, but don't blame me if it is a bit confusing.
Jack Steel is "sexy and he knows it"...well, that's what his shirt read.  Find out for yourself on the Jack Steel Facebook page.
JJ Ryan returned from a hiatus better than ever.  See for yourself at JJ Ryan's Facebook page.
Tiny Love envisions himself as a modern Rick Rude.  Judge for yourself on the Tiny Love Facebook page.
Superstar Steve Stardom is a real wrestling veteran.  Check out his starness on the Steve Stardom Facebook page.
We ended the night with the Ross Family.  This is quite an interesting group.
This concludes our first round (or introductory) interviews with the talent of SWE.  I encourage everyone to check them out at  Better yet, check them out in person at one of their events!  If you see that K.C., tell him Johngy sent you!

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