Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the Beat with Jamie Quirk of the Chicago Cubs

Jamie Quirk is one of my all-time favorites.  He came up to the majors in 1975 with the Kansas City Royals. He was released by the St. Louis Cardinals and added to their coaching staff before the 1984 season.  This was not the end of his career though.
The White Sox signed him early in 1984.  He played for several more teams, before retiring after the 1992 season.  You might say his career was a bit quirky.  Sorry.
He was a very versatile player, too.  He played every position but pitcher.  This is my kind of player.
One more quirky thing.  Carlos Quentin is the all-time leader for home runs by a player whose last name starts with "Q".  Quirk played a total of eleven seasons with the Royals, but is #2 on their "Q" list behind Mark Quinn.
Anyway, Quirk was another guy on my "want" list for this year.  I have talked to him previously when he was coaching with the Astros.  I wanted to get him with the Cubs.  I always wanted to see him play for the Cubs, but this was a close second.
This was another of those baseball card heroes of my youth coming to life and talking to me on the field.  Surreal, cool, fun and memorable all in one.
I liked Quirk's answers.  He did not give the usual answers, nor the usual reasons.  I really appreciate Quirk's time and consideration in talking to us, despite just throwing a long batting practice session.
The rest of the interviews can be seen here on  The online piece I wrote, Travel Favorites of Baseball Greats, can be found here on Global Traveler magazine's site.

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