Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Beat with Bob Brenly of the Chicago Cubs

Last year, Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker landed an interview with Cubs broadcaster and former player Bob Brenly.  Matt got Brenly to reveal that he had a little black book of pizza places he visits while on the road during the baseball season.  That interview can be found here.
This year at Minute Maid Park, we spotted Brenly before batting practice.  Matt culd have handled it again this year, but he graciously stepped aside and let me talk to Brenly.
As you will notice in the interview, Brenly gives us one of the names in his little black book of pizza.  This is where the difference lies between a veteran reporter like myself and a promising youngster like Matt.  While Matt is a highly touted prospect in the world of quick celebrity interviews, he can still learn a few tricks from Johngy.
Then again, there is no "Johngy" in team.  We are all part of the team and as long as we got the scoop, it doesn't matter who got it (although I did...just for historical accuracy).
Brenly also talked a bit about travel and his son in the interview below.  Brenly seems to be a great guy and we appreciate him talking to us both times.

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