Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the Beat with Dave Clark of the Houston Astros

Dave Clark played 13 seasons in the majors, including two stints with the Chicago Cubs.  He finished his career with one season with the Houston Astros in 1998 and is now a coach with the Astros.
As I have previously written, I always like talking to coaches who were former players, especially if they spent time in Chicago.  I generally recognize them easier and I know a bit more about them.
When I saw Clark was coaching with the Astros, he became a target.  When I saw him walking in my direction as he headed for the Astros dugout after batting practice, I took the opportunity to approach him and talk a little baseball and travel.
Clark was the second person we interviewed to name Gibsons Steakhouse in Chicago as his favorite.  Clearly, Gibsons is doing something (or lots of things) right, but you don't have to be a major leaguer to enjoy Gibsons.  I have dined at Gibsons many times, several with my fellow Global Traveler staffers, and have always had a wonderful experience.
This piece started as a piece on Dave Clark and his favorites and has turned into a testimonial on Gibsons.  That is the way it goes sometimes.
Getting back to Clark, it was great talking to him.  I also told him I appreciated him from his time withj the Cubs.  I don't think the former players hear that stuff often from the usual press.  Then again, I am not the usual press.

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