Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the Beat with Brion Salazar at Wizard World 2012

While doing research on the talented people in Artist Alley at Wizard World, I came across Brion Salazar's description on his website.  He lists himself as "writer artist, designer, podcaster, father, husband, geek."  I like the humor and the inclusion of his family in his description.  Looking further at his site, his creations blew me away.
Brion has some beautiful and colorful illustrations of celebrities (like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe).  I also found some cool sketches of Superheroes (although no Aquaman sketches, but that is covered in the interview).  There are also interesting digital prints, a mini-blog and many other fascinating creations.
Despite being mixed in with about a hundred other artists, Brion really stood out, because he is versatile in style and subject matter.  I really was amazed at his work.
We were fortunate enough to talk to him during a short down time at his booth at Wizard World.  I really would like to talk more at length with Brion and hopefully we will catch him at a con in the future.  Until then, after you watch our interview, head over to BrionSalazar.com to see his wonderful art.

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