Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the Beat with Brett Hatfield at Wizard World 2012 Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker did his own research on the artists in Artist Alley and he became intrigued with Brett Hatfield and his sketch cards.  Brett relies on pop culture to guide him in his sketch card creations.
Unlike most artists, Brett's sketch cards are all original renderings.  Each sketch card is hand drawn.  This creates unique and beautiful work.  That is so cool.
He had many cards on display (unfortunately no Aquaman), but Brett does custom work at fair prices (as discussed in the interview).  Therefore, an Aquaman card could easily be sketched by Brett!
He also does some of the work at the various cons he attends (assuming he has time there.  Sometimes, the artists can be very busy with the continual fan interaction.
In the interview below, we learned a bit about Brett and his work, as well as gained a glimpse at many of his cards he had on display.  After you watch the interview, check out to learn more about this talented artist.

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