Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the Beat with Joe Mather of the Chicago Cubs

We crossed paths with Joe Mather of the Cubs several times prior to each game.  Each time, he was headed for batting practice, fielding practice or elsewhere.  It is frowned upon to delay or distract the players at these times.
We were just about ready to wrap up one of our days, when Mather came out and leaned on the dugout rail to scan the field.  We were probably a bit beyond the regular time slot for any interviews, but we really wanted to get Mather, so we approached him.
Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker got Mather to give us a quick thought on video about his favorite city to visit.  It was a short interview and obviously not too in depth.  Still, we make no apologies.  We got the thoughts on travel from major leaguer Joe Mather.
Mather was a valuable asset to the Cubs this season.  He played outfield, third, first and even pitched (his second time on the mound during his career).  I really like Mather and hope he sticks around next season.  I also liked his answer to our question.  It was brief, but I have to agree with it and his reasoning.
I hope you enjoy the video below.  Also, check out Travel Favorites of Baseball Greats, the online piece I wrote for Global Traveler magazine.

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