Saturday, October 6, 2012

On the Beat with Randy Ricci of Premier Pro Wrestling

Scott Beatty and I have been covering the local indy wretling scene pretty heavily over the last year, as part of our On the Wrestling Beat YouTube channel, Wrestle Beat YouTube program and the Wrestle Beat Facebook page.  Recently, we received an invite to the debut of Premier Pro Wrestling.  Unfortunately, we had prior commitments and could not make the first show, but we were able to attend their second show last Saturday.
We are happy to report that Premier Pro Wrestling is the real deal.  From the box office staff to the wrestlers to the man behind PPW himself, everyone involved in PPW gave their all to put on a great night of wrestling action.
I had heard of many of the wrestlers on the card, although some were new to me.  Everyone had a moment to shine and none of it seemed forced.  Their natural abilities were on display.  These guys are talented and hungry.  They were eager to put on an exciting show and they did just that.
After the show, we talked to several of the wrestlers.  Those interviews will be up here soon, but I felt we needed to start at the top, Randy Ricci
In the interview below, Randy's passion impresses me the most.  You can hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes.  It takes more than passion to run a successful company, but passion is a great start and Premier Pro Wrestling is off to a great start.
Randy reached out to us to cover his show.  He asked for honesty, whatever our opinions were.  He did not want any unearned back-patting.  As much fun as Scott and I have, we also take this seriously and wouldn't want it any other way.
We told Randy and now I am telling you. Premier Pro Wrestling shows a lot of promise.  Check them out at and the Premier Pro Wrestling Facebook page.  Better yet...go see a Premier Pro Wrestling live show!

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