Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bear Down Sunday #5 Bears vs. Jaguars

Today, the 3-1 Chicago Bears face the 1-3 Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Bears are favored by 6 points, which rarely happened during my youth.  I started thinking about this and it lead me to my interest in obscure players and oddly chosen favorites.
When I was a kid, Bob Parsons was one of my favorite players.  Parsons was a punter and occasional tight end.  While he was never one of the eltie, you could always count on Parsons.  He was reliable, steady and comforting in a way that only Bears fans would understand.  He was part of the Bears "5 P" offense of those years.  That would be Payton, Payton, Payton, Parsons punt.
I was very happy to meet Parsons earlier this year at an autograph signing.  I mean no disrespect to Parsons, but I am sure I was one of the few who said that he was one of my favorite players as I grew up.  My friends would poke me, telling me I couldn't have a punter as one of my favorites.  Yet I did.
Getting back to today, the Bears are so much improved from those Bears of my youth.  I wonder if I grew up with these Bears if Adam Podlesh would be one of my favorites/
Good luck to the Bears today and to Bob Parsons, wherever you are, thanks for the great memories.
Bob Parsons and me in Plainfield, IL-Early 2012.

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