Saturday, November 17, 2012

On the Beat at AAW Wrestling

We were very excited when Tony Rican, match maker at AAW Wrestling, invited us to one of their shows.    A couple weeks ago, we attended the AAW show in Berwyn and had a great time.
We first met Tony many months ago at another independent wrestling show.  We have kept in touch and when the opportunity arose, we took him up on his offer.  Tony's only request was an honest review (good or bad).
My review is simple.  AAW put on a fantastic show.  I would really have to think hard about finding any negatives on this night.
The crowd was large (about 400+) and really into the action, without being out of control.  I didn't see any incidents of poor behavior anywhere.
The card was jammed with 12 matches and none seemed like time-filler.  Every match had a short vignette to explain some history, which really helped.  I never felt lost in any of the fights.  The wrestlers fought hard, moved well, told stories with their actions and really did a great job.
Champion Michael Elgin kept his title in a match with Sami Callahan.  This match is definitely a "Match of the Year" candidate anywhere.  I had to give extra applause to these guys!
After the matches, Tony helped us with interviews with some of the talent.  We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we enjoyed doing them.
Silas Young is the multi-time champ and one of the cornerstones of AAW.  When you talk about AAW, you start with Silas Young.
Truth Martini is a manager in AAW, along with Ring of Honor (ROH) and XICW in Detroit.  Find out all of the Truth at the Truth Martini Facebook page.
Arik Cannon is one-half of the unorthodox tag-team champs.  You can learn all about him on the Arik Cannon Facebook page.
Jimmy Jacobs is the unique tag team partner of Arik Cannon.  You can see how unique by checking him out on the Jimmy Jacobs Facebook page.
Despite being in a hurry, Christina Von Eerie gave us a couple minutes of her time.  To learn more about the talented, young star, check out the Christina Von Eerie Facebook page.
I really appreciate Tony and all of the great folks at AAW.  The wrestlers we got for interviews represent an interesting cross-section of their roster and we hope to get a lot more in the future.
I hope this is just the beginning of a long relationship with AAW Wrestling and I encourage everyone to check out and to go to their live events.

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