Friday, November 30, 2012

On the Beat with Ashley C. Williams at Days of the Dead 2012

Sometimes I do research, but still get wrong info.  When I interviewed actress Ashley C. Williams at the Days of the Dead convention, I asked her about being "the stunning scream queen for the next generation."  Unfortunately, that was only a title bestowed upon her by a fan and she was unaware of it.
The good news is that Ashley did not make a big deal out of it and allowed me to overcome my choppy beginning.  I was so relieved and impressed by her attitude.
Ashley had a starring role in The Human Centipede and has already had several other roles in her short career.  In the interview below, she talks about what directions she would like to go in her acting career.  Despite being okay with being labeled a "Scream queen," Ashley certainly wants to do more varied roles than just horror.  Ashley is a talented, young actress and so very nice, too.
To learn more about her, check out  This is her website and you will find all of the accurate info and updates, unlike my misguided research!

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