Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the Beat with Brad Thacker at Days of the Dead 2012

I have seen comedian Brad Thacker perform twice.  Both times were at Days of the Dead conventions and both times he had a rough crowd.  Of course, he also had a rough following act.
In Indianapolis, Thacker opened for Rowdy Roddy Piper.  In Chicago, he opened for Piper and Mick Foley.  You don't get much tougher than that.
As for the crowd, I cannot imagine opening for several hundred fans who were just waiting for Piper and Foley.  This is not the best crowd for a real comedian, but Thacker did an excellent job of warming up the crowd and keeping the mood going.
Thacker was very funny.  Oh sure, he hit a few clunkers with the crowd, but with that crowd, I am surprised there weren't more.  The audience really just wanted to hear wrestling stories.
Thacker had solid material and basically stayed away from wrestling humor.  That was an interesting choice, but a good one.  There was no need to cover ground that Piper and Foley would cover.  The crowd gave Thacker a very nice applause send-off.
I ran into Thacker the next day and told him I had appreciated his set at both shows.  Then I got an impromptu interview with the talented Thacker.  He talked about his start in comedy, his influences, working at Days of the Dead and more.
To get updates, info and humorous blurbs, follow Thacker on twitter @bradthacker.

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