Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Beat with Dale Sveum

As you will see in the near future, Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker and I were involved in the pre-game press session in the dugout before the Astros-Cubs games.  Today I am featuring a little one-on-one time with the skipper, Dale Sveum.
Sveum had a solid twelve year career in the majors, including one season with the Chicago White Sox.  He was an interesting choice to manage the Cubs.  Many thought and wanted it to be Ryne Sandberg.  I think Sveum is a good fit and will be here as the Cubs become contenders.
It is not very common to get any sort of quotes outside of the pre-game dugout session, but Sveum was gracious enough to talk to us for a few moments.  I really think the "travel" questions are refreshing to these baseball people, as opposed to the usual stuff.
In either case, I really appreciate Sveum talking to us.  While I sat in press sessions with previous Cubs managers (Lou Piniella and Mike Quade), I never talked to them on record about anything.
The rest of the interviews can be found here on, as well as on the YouTube channel.  Also, the summary piece, Travel Favorites of Baseball Greats, appeared on Global Traveler magazine's site a few weeks ago.

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