Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the Beat with Mick Foley at Days of the Dead

Mick Foley is a semi-retired wrestling legend an a best-selling author.  He is also a great guy and always willing to talk to us.  This year, we talked to Mick at the recent Days of the Dead convention (right here, near Chicago, Illinois...borrowing the cheap pop from Mick).
Contributor Extraordinaire Matt "Big Money" Parker took the lead on this interview.  He asked Mick about his match at the last WWE ppv, horror conventions and other fun stuff.  The beginning and the end of this interview are especially entertaining, as Mick has a little fun with Matt and the audience.
Mick is a lock to get into the WWE Hall of Fame sometime soon, possibly even in 2013.  He is also building momentum for an induction into the Hall of Fame.
More interviews from Days of the Dead will be coming in the near future.

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