Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the Beat with Thomas Ian Nicholas at Days of the Dead 2012

In Rookie of the Year, Thomas Ian Nicholas (in one of his first roles) played young Henry, who became a major league phenom for the Chicago Cubs.  Come to think of it, I should make a Celebrity Jersey Card for him, but I digress.  Nicholas has worked steadily ever since, appearing in many movies, including the American Pie movies.
Nicholas also fronts the Thomas Nicholas Band (TNB).  They recently did a tour of the UK.  You can check out some of his music at ThomasIanNicholas.com.  I listened and I really liked it.
JohngysBeat.com Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker took the lead and landed an interview with the versatile Nicholas at Days of the Dead.  They talked about conventions, his music, his film roles and more.
This was an unplanned interview, but one that we really wanted to get.  We were unable to contact Nicholas prior to Days of the Dead, but Matt approached him and Nicholas agreed after checking out JohngysBeat.com.  We really appreciate the time and consideration of Nicholas.
He is a great guy and very talented.  After you watch the video below, check out Nicholas and his band at ThomasIanNicholas.com.

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