Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On the Beat with Chris Sarandon at Days of the Dead 2012

When I saw that Chris Sarandon was added to the Days of the Dead celebrity guest list, I immediately tried to contact him.  As you will learn in the interview video, he has no Facebook or twitter or website.  That pretty much ended my chances of contacting him about an interview.
I had to go with Plan B, which is to approach him at the convention and ask for an interview there.  This is always a long shot, because the celebrity has no chance to check out my website to make sure it is legit and clean.
Matt and I went to his table before the convention officially started and took our shot.  Despite being busy trying to get things set up, Sarandon gave us a couple minutes of his time for the interview.
I asked him about doing conventions and his favorite role.  He was pretty diplomatic about singling out one role (although a lot of actors are).  I did not cover any ground-breaking news in the interview, but I got to talk to an Academy Award nominee (for Dog Day Afternoon).
I really appreciate Sarandon's time and willingness to talk.  Like he says in the interview, if you want to learn more about him, you'll have to check out

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