Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Beat with Kane Hodder at Flashback Weekend 2012

How can you not like a guy whose website is  Don't ask me, because I like him.  In fact, Matt Parker and I both like Kane very much.
We first met Kane last year at Flashback Weekend.  Despite having a long line of people, he took enough time with everyone to make sure you got what you wanted.  Kane even patiently got up and put choke holds on anyone who asked and a lot of people asked (including us).
There was no choking for us this year though.  This year we were professionals.  We were covering the event for a few sites, including, of course.
When I saw Kane was returning this year, I contacted him for an interview and he quickly and politely accepted.  I figured Big Money (Matt) should handle the big man.
We got there just as Kane was asked to do some interview for the convention.  He apologized profusely for making us wait.  Either he is extremely polite or is really gaining respect.  I think it is the first choice there.
Anyway, when he returned, despite having a line of fans, he gave us the interview.  Kane told us a couple good stories and talked about his book, Unmasked: True Life Story of the World's Most Prolific Cinematic Killer.
I picked up a copy of the book (written by Michael Aloisi).  Kane has had an interesting life.  There is much more to this man than just the guy who played Jason in four of the Friday the 13th movies.  Of course, watching the interview or just talking to him, you can tell he has a good story to tell and it is told in Unmasked.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.
After you watch the interview, head over to to learn more about Kane and his book.  We really appreciate Kane and Michael for the consideration, time and patience they showed us.

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