Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the Beat with Maryann Pisano

The title should be "Finally On the Beat with Maryann Pisano," because I first learned about Maryann about 10 years ago.  I was running an education program at Lerner Newspapers and Maryann was an area high school student and author.
Yes, you read that right.  Maryann authored The Decision, when she was 15.  (By the way, The Decision is still available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.)
I thought Maryann would be a great choice to appear in the ad series.  You don't often find high schoolers who have authored a novel.  Maryann's ad was one of the most popular ones in the series.
You could easily tell that Maryann was going to go on to great things.  Recently, I finally had the chance to interview her and found out exactly what she has done since then.
It turns out Maryann has done a lot.  She is the creative force behind  Allow me to borrow a line from the site to describe  "This site is a fabulous one stop shop for young women looking for insights to make their lives that much more amazing."
The primary audience of is women, but I would not say it is exclusively women.  For example, currently running is a feature where Dr. Hughes analyzes your personality based on your favorite Christmas movie Among the things I learned was that my love of The Grinch reveals that I have a "deep sense of whimsy as well as a profound belief in the spiritual."  Hmm pretty accurate there, I would say.  Anyway, my point is that men can enjoy, too. has sections on beauty, fashion, health and more.  There is even one on celebs and media, which fits in well with Johngy's Beat.  There really is something interesting for everyone on
In the interview below, I turned the table on Maryann and asked her the questions.  Maryann talked about The Decision, and more. It was interesting to hear what went into each step in Maryann's career and where she sees her future going.  It will also be very interesting to see the next steps she takes.
Maryann is young, eager and talented.  She has an incredibly bright future.  I cannot honestly say I know where she is headed, but I can say she is headed for great things.  I find her very interesting and I think you will, too.
I plan on revisiting Maryann again in 2013.  It will be fun following her career as it progresses.  Until then, please check out to see for yourself.  Also, you can go to twitter and follow her at @maryannpisano and @emmemagazine.

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