Saturday, December 8, 2012

On the Beat with the TimO and Harley Show at Days of the Dead 2012

The TimO. and Harley Show is a weekly podcast found on  It is billed as a horror-themed show, but I believe that is far too narrow of a description.
They are billed as "the new voice of horror."  They discuss horror movies and horror-related stuff, but they also talk about movies and music and much more.  That sounds like a lot to cover, but these shows are jam-packed with entertainment and fun.
I could write more, but then I would not need to interview anyone (and I like interviewing people).  Instead, check out the interview with Harley.  Harley talks all about the show.
Whatever info Harley does not tell us can be found on  Check out the show there or on or get updates on the TimO and Harley Facebook page.
I encourage you to give these guys a listen.  They are super funny, interesting, informative and just really nice.

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