Friday, December 7, 2012

On the Beat with Sarah French and Joe Knetter at Days of the Dead 2012

I interviewed Sarah French and Joe Knetter at Flashback Weekend a few months ago.  Not a whole lot happens in that short of a time span, not even for a horror couple like Sarah and Joe.  Still, that did not stop me from wanting to talk to them again.  They are always so much fun.
Of course, with no clear direction, the interview was sure to quickly veer off into some silliness, which is just fine by me.  What could be sillier than a tattoo of Joe's face on his butt?  Yep, that is included.  I am just here to warn the weak of heart and stomach.
Some legitimate topics were covered, too.  Sarah talks about her recent movie, Opposite Blood and Joe talks about his recent book, Room.  They even talk a bit about their recent vacation.
Spoiler alert: Near the end, one of them raises their shirt to expose their chest.
Seriously, I love these two.  They are talented, funny and very nice.  I encourage everyone to go to and

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