Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today my niece Sam turns 21.  I am sure her parents are very proud and possibly feeling a bit old.  I know I have both of those feelings.
Sam has grown into such a beautiful young adult.  She is funny, intelligent, caring and so much more.  She always has a smile on her face (even when I am telling bad jokes).  I love her dearly and wish great things for her.
Besides all of that, Sam is the first (and only) of my nieces and nephew to give me a legitimate football school for me to vicariously experience and support.  Go Hawkeyes!
Happy Birthday Sam!
Kyle Kolb and Sam Parker at the University of Iowa, Iowa-September 2012.

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Mom & Dad said...

Happy 21st! So happy we are driving to Iowa to see you! We love you!