Friday, February 22, 2013

In Artist Alley with Tara Schile

Tara Schile has been a professional makeup artist for over 14 years.  She is also a costume designer, hair stylist, consultant, author and probably a few other things.
I met Tara at Wizard World 2012 and interviewed her at On the Beat with Tara Schile.  We talked about Tara's career and her future projects.
Tara was really cool.  She was funny, engaging and everything I would want in an interview subject.  In fact, I am a bit disappointed that I did not ask her a few more questions.  No big deal though, because I am sure I will see her at future conventions.
This is another example of finding very interesting people at the conventions.  The Artist Alley is full of fascinating, talented people, like Tara.  I know most people go for the big name celebrities, but I also enjoy spending hours meandering around the Artist area and talking to artists of all sorts.
Check back here during convention season and you might see another interview with Tara.  Until then, check out or go to the Tara and Ryan Schile Facebook page.
Tara Schile and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2012.

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