Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrity Jersey Cards #135 Buddy Guy x 2

This is a regular series in which I attempt to combine my lifelong obsession with bubblegum cards with my interest in celebrities.

Tomorrow is Opening Day in baseball.  This looks to be an interesting year on both sides of Chicago.  The Cubs are still in the early stages of a massive rebuilding process, while the White Sox are contending hopefuls.
To honor both teams, I wanted o be as fair as I could be.  What could be more fair than to have one guy represent both teams?  As a matter of fact, that one guy is Buddy Guy, Chicago Blues legend.
Buddy is one of the all-time great musicians.  He's a great guitarist, a great showman and a great ambassador for the Chicago music scene.  He's like music royalty and he is Chicago's very own.
If the Cubs and Sox play as smooth as Buddy does, it will be a great summer.  If the teams start to hit sour notes, you can always go to Buddy Guy's (ironically, about halfway between Wrigley and Cellular Field) for fine blues and tasty southern Cajun food!.


Anonymous said...

probably gonna show my ignorance but - - - - can I buy a set of these?

Johngy said...

You are not the first to ask that question, but unfortunately these cards are just virtual cards I create for the site. Feel free to print copies though.
and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

John said...

Awesome cards, as usual. Great blues legend and he rocks the jersey from both sides of town.

Johngy said...

Thanks John

Unknown said...

I like these cards! I like some songs of Buddy Guy and found some interesting information on his web site.