Monday, March 11, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Nancy Meets Hamlet

This is a regular series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

My family is always looking to help me with this blog.  On a recent trip to St. Louis, Nancy ran into Hamlet (the Purina mascot) and got a picture.
It is only fitting that Nancy would get a picture with a dog.  She is definitely a dog-lover.  She has worked with animals for years and she has had several beautiful pooches of her own, including her current big boy Marley.
Nancy was in St. Louis for their Mardi Gras.  I misread some dates and thought that James Laurinaitis of the St. Louis Rams was also there.  Road Warrior Animal's son!  Then again, Nancy would probably have still wanted the picture with Hamlet instead.  Why pose with a huge, scary Ram, when there is a big, lovable dog available?
Whichever the animal, I really appreciate Nancy's contribution.  I am building a nice mascot collection here.  I wonder who will be next?
Nita, Hamlet and Nancy in St. Louis, MO-February 2013.

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Just trying to help, plus I do love dogs ;)