Sunday, March 10, 2013

On the Beat with AliSin Chains of the Windy City Rollers

I originally found out about the Windy City Rollers when I came across a photo of AliSin Chains wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey (which will be used in a future edition of Celebrity Jersey Cards).  I clicked on the picture to learn more about her and one click lead to another and eventually to  I was immediately intrigued.
I specifically asked to speak to AliSin (I had to find out about that Packers jersey).  AliSin was our last interview of the night and I really hated to end it and go home.  AliSin and the others were just so much fun.
Like her WCR mates, AliSin likes the competition and sport of roller derby.  She originally watched roller derby in the days when it was more theatrical and less sport, but she is happy with the transition (although, I think she would be just as good at either version).
I agree that roller derby is still under the radar (and hopefully can do a little to change that).  I knew roller derby was a sport now and I gained a whole new respect for the participants.  These women are as athletic as any sport player and probably more dedicated than most.
As for the Packers jersey, once again AliSin showed substance over surface.  She is a diehard Packers fan and has been one since her diaper days.  As a Bears fan, this was tough to learn, but I am glad she wasn't just a one time modeling of the jersey.
As with the other three women of the WCR, I was so impressed with AliSin.  I kept seeing and therefor keep using the same themes, terms like dedication, passion, athleticism, poise and on.  These women are motivated by their love of roller derby.  If these interview videos do not prove that, I challenge you to go out and see them in person.  I guarantee you will walk away as impressd as we were.
After you watch our interview, please go to, the Windy City Rollers Facebook page and follow WCR on twitter to learn more and get updates.

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