Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the Beat with the Chicago Rush-Part 1 The Front Office

On Monday, I attended Media Day for the Chicago Rush and I received my season media credentials.  Starting today, I will be featuring and highlighting Players, coaches, fans and events of the Chicago Rush.  It is a new era of Chicago Rush football and is excited about being a part of it.
The new era really begins with David Staral, the new owner.  Staral admits this all came together very quickly, but things are headed in the right direction and the changes are positive.  Staral is a young, Chicago native and a sports fan.  I felt his enthusiasm right from the start and I look forward to great things from Staral and the Rush.
Coach Bob McMillen transitioned from a legendary AFL playing career to become a successful coach in his first year at the helm.  He was runner-up for the AFL’s Coach of the Year award in 2011, when the Rush went 13-5 and won the Central Division title.  That appears to be just the beginning for the motivated McMillen.  Like Staral, McMillen's enthusiasm and determination was evident and contagious.
Les Grobstein is a radio legend, a true Hall of Famer.  I have listened to the Grobber for years and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of sports.  The guy is simply amazing.  He has also done plenty of broadcasting over the years, including being a part of the first Arena Football game ever.  Grobstein is a great asset as the broadcaster for the Rush.  His enthusiasm, acumen and humor add up to a great listening experience for the Rush fans.  It was a pleasure for me to meet the Grobber!
These three men represent a huge part of the Rush from different angles.  Each contributes to the positive energy that was overflowing from the area during Media Day.  I am so excited about this and I encourage everyone to get on board with the Chicago Rush.  It promises to be a fun ride.
For more info on the Rush, you can check out and the Chicago Rush Facebook page and you can follow the Rush on twitter.

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