Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the Beat with John Everson at Dan Con 2013

I knew I would like author John Everson after seeing the following line on his website, "John shares a deep purple den in Naperville, Illinois..."  I have to love a fellow deep purple lover!  Also, the fact that Everson would include that and other funny stuff on his site really appealed to me.  I knew he would be interesting and he was.
Perhaps more important though is that Everson is a talented and successful author.  He won the Bram Stoker award for Covenant (2004) and has published 5 other novels.  His most recent is NightWhere, published in late 2012.  He has written numerous short stories and is a digital artist and musician.  Like I wrote, the man is talented...and busy apparently.
I met Everson at Dan Con last week.  We talked about his books, his style, future projects and more.  He was as interesting as I thought he would be.  I really hope to speak to Everson again.  I now have so many more questions.
Until that next interview, I hope you enjoy this quick introduction interview we did at Dan Con.  After you watch it, please go to and the John Everson Facebook page to learn more about this multi-talented author and to get updates.  Also, check out Dan Con Comic Con to get updates on their next show.

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