Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the Beat with Minerva Damage of the Windy City Rollers

Minerva Damage started in roller derby about 2 years ago after spending many years in Mixed Martial Arts. Although she had not put on roller skates in about twenty years, Minerva's MMA background certainly helped her get up to speed with the others.  Both sports share the need for athleticism, dedication and hard work.  Those qualities seem to be a recurring theme with the Windy City Rollers.
Minerva Damage currently skates for the Double Crossers (Scott Beatty's favorite team name) and is #315.  She hails from Michigan. ace interviewer Scott talked to Minerva after a recent night at WCR.  Minerva discussed the origins of her name, her start in roller derby and more, including a brief explanation of how the WCR teams system works.
We really appreciate Minerva Damage for taking time after a grueling game.  We also appreciate the management of WCR for helping to make these interviews possible.  Scott and I had a blast at the games and I am sure you would, too.
After you watch the interview, learn more about the sport, the league and the competitors at and the Windy City Rollers Facebook page and follow WCR on twitter.  Also, go to the Minerva Damage Facebook page for more info on her.

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