Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Beat with Warden Myers and Lockup at Resistance Pro Wrestling

Resistance Pro Wrestling started a tag team tournament at their first show.  The tourney ended several shows later with Lockup, lead by Warden Myers, winning the titles.
This is an interesting tag team.  I am sure everything in wrestling has been done at some point, but I do not recall a good guy tag team being managed by a bad guy manager.  Oh sure, there have been numerous occasions of wrestlers or teams being forced to wrestle for a heel manager, but those usually stem from a lengthy storyline where they lost a match and it came with that stipulation.  Lockup does not fit that mold.
Warden Myers is the heel manager forcing Suge D and Epic to wrestle for him.  In the ring, these two talented wrestlers are eager to show their abilities.  They do not back down from anyone.  Once the match ends though, they are forced back into shackles by Warden Myers.
Will they ever get their freedom.  It is wrestling and logic dictates that eventually we will see some sort of split, but wrestling does not always follow logic.  Sometimes, swerves are thrown into the picture.
Exactly where does this leave Lockup and Myers?  I don't know, but it has me intrigued.  Warden Myers and Lockup did not give us any idea where the future is for them in this interview either.  I will be following this saga until the end.
Maybe some more of the story will be played out tomorrow at Mane Attraction, as Resistance Pro puts on another show.  For more info on Lockup and R Pro, go to

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