Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the Beat with Dirk Manning at Dan Con 2013

I have covered many comic cons and should have met author-creator Dirk Manning already.  Somehow, I have missed him until last week.  I discovered I was really missing out.
Manning is perhaps best known as the writer/creator of the horror comic series Nightmare World.  Although known for horror, Manning is not limited to that one genre.  He also writes the “how-to” column Write or Wrong for, which has now in book form as Write or Wrong: “A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics.”
At Dan Con, Manning was featuring his own works as well as  He informed me that Shadowline is also not just about horror.  They have something for everyone.
Manning is a very personable guy and I hope to meet him again and talk more about his various projects.  I know I only scratched the surface on him.  Keep checking back here and hopefully you will see him again.  Until then, enjoy our "introduction" interview.
For more information on Dirk Manning, check out and the Dirk Manning Facebook page and follow Dirk Manning on twitter.  You can also go to for even more fun!  Also, check out Dan Con Comic Con to get updates on their next show.

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