Monday, August 5, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Matt Parker Meets Coca-Cola

This is a regular feature highlighting friends who have met celebrities.

This series usually features a friend meeting a celebrity.  While I have stretched the definition of celebrity quite a bit over the years, I have tried to limit it to living things (or at least close approximations of living things or one-time living things).
Last year, my nephew Matt sent me a picture he took with a huge Coca-Cola 6 pack at Disney World.  Clearly, there is no living celebrity in the photo.  Matt is the only living thing in the photo.
How does this qualify as a Friendly Encounter?  There is no doubt it is an encounter.  Also, Matt had never met something like this before.  Obviously, Matt enjoyed the encounter (witness the look of love in his eyes).
Coca-Cola Classic is definitely well-known.  It is the best beverage out there, a clear Hall of Famer.  Disney recognizes this fact by having the exhibit there.
Add it all and it seems like I have a legitimate case to make this a Friendly Encounter.  Okay, maybe I will even pull my "creative literary license" card.  Either way, I am counting it.
Lastly, perhaps Coca-Cola will eventually see my total love and endorsement of their fine product and grant upon me a free case or two or better yet, make a certain caricature the official spokesperson for Coke.  I can dream.
Matt Parker and Coca-Cola Classic in Disney World, Florida, July 2012.

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