Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the Beat with Brimstone at Wizard World 2013

Johngy finally met Brimstone!  That could make for a great opening sentence in an odd novel.  Instead, it describes what happened at Wizard World.  I had tried to meet Brimstone at several previous conventions, but our schedules just never allowed the connection.
Anyway, it was worth the wait, as the experience was great.  Brimstone is a character (pun slightly intended), but he is also a very astute and successful businessman.  The "character" part stems from his wrestling career (or vice versa).  The transition to a successful post-wrestling career is both refreshing and very interesting.
Brimstone started wrestling professionally in 1996 and has used a gothic gimmick in the ring.  He is sort of a throwback to the larger-than-life characters so popular a few years back, but he also fits in well with the current wrestling scene, even though he is mostly retired.
Why did Brimstone retire?  In the video below, he will give you that answer, but in short, it is because his businesses were doing so well that he needed to spend more time with them and less time in the ring.  Yes, I wrote businesses.
In 2010, Brimstone (along with two others) began publishing Brimstone and the Borderhounds, a comic book based on his wrestling gimmick.  He has also acted, released a line of sauces, produced a cologne and much more.  I see why he had to retire from wrestling.
Again, I will let Brimstone tell you about the Brimstone comic series, but I will mention that it is highly successful and there will be spin-offs from it.  I am sure we will see toys, other comics and much more, including a possible animated series.  How cool is that?!
After you watch the interview, go to and the Brimstone Facebook page to learn all about him and to get his updates.
I really had fun talking to Brimstone (finally).  I would also like Brimstone to know that the Johngy character would love to make an appearance in the Brimstone comic series.  (Hey, it can't hurt to put out the thought!).

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