Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the Beat with Michael Kingston at Wizard World 2013

Michael Kingston is a fan of wrestling and comic and now he hopes people will be fans of his wrestling comic.  He's already got a couple fans, in the form of the JohngysBeat.com crew.  We met Kingston at Wizard World 2013 and were really impressed with his work.
Headlocked is Kingston's creation.  It is a unique wrestling comic in that it actually focuses on wrestlers and actual wrestling.  It is a lot more reality-based than the average wrestling comic, but it still contains larger-than-life figures and great artwork.
Speaking of that artwork, wrestling Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler contributes cover art to the series.  Lawler is part of Kingston's Headlocked team, along with several others, including some  veterans of the wrestling business and the comics business.
There is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Headlocked: The Last Territory.  Comics are expensive to produce and publicize.  The Kickstarter campaign will help to accomplish both.  You can go to Kickstarter-Headlocked to get more info on this.
Headlocked really intrigues me.  I am not much into comic books anymore, but Headlocked will be one I will be adding to my collection.  I am sure many wrestling fans will also want to check out Headlocked, but it isn't just limited to wrestling fans.  Good stories are what drives interest and Headlocked contains excellent stories and wonderful artwork.
For more info on Headlocked, go to HeadlockedComic.com or the Headlocked Facebook page and follow Headlocked on twitter.

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