Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the Beat with Jay Bonansinga at Wizard World 2013's Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker's keen eye for a good story found Jay Bonansinga at Wizard World.  It turned into an interesting interview and Matt added some books to his personal library.
Bonansinga has co-authored The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury and The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, as well as several other novels and non-fiction books.  He is also an independent filmmaker.
Bonansinga's route to The Walking Dead is an interesting one, but I will let him tell his story in the interview below.  Actually, Bonansinga himself is an interesting story.  He is multi-talented, personable and has a great outlook on his life.  While his contributions to The Walking Dead might have brought him some new fans, his other works are worth checking out as well.  It was a real pleasure meeting Bonansinga.
After you watch the interview below, head over to to learn more about him.  I am sure you will find him as fascinating as we did, even if you are not a fan of The Walking Dead.

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