Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Beat with Mike Bellcaster at Resistance Pro's "Stick It To Ya"

This is a JohngysBeat.com first.  We feature an interview with an Official Timekeeper.  Wait, this isn't just any Official Timekeeper.  This is Mike Bellcaster of Resistance Pro Wrestling.
What makes that so special?  Well, I just wrote Bellcaster works for Resistance Pro.  That alone makes him special.  As I have written before, R Pro is the best wrestling promotion around.  Bellcaster is the Official Timekeeper for the best wrestling organization.
If that isn't enough, he is hard=working, staunchly loyal to R Pro and generally an all around funny guy.  As you will hear in the interview, Mike started as a fan (like I did) and he worked hard and eventually became Official Timekeeper.
Also, how appropriate is it that the man that rings the bell to start and end matches is named "Bell"caster?  It was like it was meant to be.
Bellcaster and his wife Nicole both work at R Pro.  They were also married in a wrestling ring and featured in The National Enquirer (only slightly less impressive than being featured on JohngysBeat.com).
I have had the pleasure of seeing Bellcaster's wrestling themed room in his house.  His figure collection and other fun stuff is quite impressive.  Clearly this man is a rabid R Pro fan.  Maybe if we are lucky, our next interview could be on location in that room.  Now that would be really special.
We hope you enjoy this unique interview with one of the non-wrestling people who make R Pro so special.  After you watch the interview, check out ResistancePro.com to learn all about this exciting wrestling company.  Also, follow Mike Bellcaster on twitter to keep up with JohngysBeat.com's favorite Official Timekeeper!

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