Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the Beat with Victor Dandridge at Wizard World 2013

Once again,'s Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker found a gem in the artist area of Wizard World.  Victor Dandridge is the king of 8 bit artistic creations.
In a world where artists have wonderfully intricate and detailed work, Dandridge's 8 bit style certainly stands out.  Being different will only go so far without talent though, but Dandridge has lots of talent and his work is awesome.  In fact, I was so impressed that I will be talking to Dandridge about doing an 8 bit Johngy (which some would say is about 7 bits too many).
I really like Dandrigde's style.  It is throwback, while still looking relevant and cool.  It is interesting to see his renditions being so simplistic, yet so beautiful, especially in contrast to the rest of the comic art all over Wizard World.  All artwork takes talent, but to do it in such a minimalistic way is really impressive.
The lively Dandridge talked to us about how he got started doing 8 bit art, his current projects and much more.  Plus, you can see many of his creations on the wall behind him.
To learn more about Dandridge, go to and the VantageInhouse Facebook page and follow VantageInhouse on twitter.

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