Friday, August 30, 2013

On the Beat with V.J. Waks at Wizard World 2013

Yesterday, I wrote about wandering around Wizard World and stumbling upon C.S. Marks, a delightful and talented author.  Today's feature comes as a direct result of that.  In fact, it is the direct suggestion from Marks which lead us to the next booth which featured author V.J. Waks.
Waks has written a wide range of work from science fiction to fantasy, including Rabbit Hole, the first book in her newest fantasy series.  Rabbit Hole is "a wonderland gone horribly wrong," according to Waks.  She had me hooked there.
In Rabbit Hole, Waks took the basic skeleton of Lewis Carroll's books and created her own dark world.   Waks proudly proclaims that this is not a Disney version, which is exactly why I am so excited to read this.
How does such a delightful lady produce such twisted stuff?  Well, you can check the interview for some of the answers (and other interesting stuff) and you can check out her books for the rest.
Much like I praised Marks for her attitude and presentation, I have to give Waks the same acknowledgement.  She is a new author to me and her books are now on my Christmas wish list.  I would love to have a lengthy chat with either (or both) ladies over a Coke and a bagel.  They fascinated me.  I appreciate Marks for sending us to Waks and I appreciate Waks for being so pleasant.
To learn more about her, head over to and the V. J. Waks Facebook page.  I promise you will be as intrigued as I am.

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