Friday, August 9, 2013

Remembering Lauren Holly at Wizard World

With Wizard World taking place this weekend, I have been thinking about all of the great times I have had at this huge convention.  Right at the top of that list has to be meeting, interviewing and talking to Lauren Holly.
Lauren is definitely on my Mount Rushmore of celebrity crushes.  Although the interview took a little work, it all turned out great and Lauren was super about everything.
Meeting someone as special as Lauren is always cool just by itself.  Add an interview and some one-on-one conversation and the event truly becomes memorable.  Last and not least, Lauren could not have been nicer.  This will forever be one of my favorite moments.
I am sure this Wizard World will produce some great and fun moments.  I look forward to the experience.  Still, I know it will be very tough to top my time with Lauren.
Thank you Lauren, Jerry Milani (PR guy at Wizard World) and Matt Parker for all pitching in to make this happen!
Lauren Holly and me in Schaumburg, IL-August 2012.


Fuji said...

Nice. I've had a crush on her since Dumb and Dumber.

Jean Parker said...

You definitely meet some nice celebs!

Unknown said...

How much is the Stone Cold Steve Austin baseball card on your site

Johngy said...

I only create virtual cards. I don't actually print them to sell. Feel free to do so yourself though.