Monday, September 9, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Eric St. Vaughn Meets Tom Cook

This is a weekly feature which highlights friends who have met celebrities.

While's Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker and I were meandering through the artist area at Wizard World, we came across Tom Cook, one of the artists for He-Man.  Neither of us know a lot about He-Man, but we thought it would be an interesting interview.  It was the perfect time to call in our He-Man expert and correspondent Eric St. Vaughn (who wrestles for Resistance Pro).
ESV is very familiar with interviews on, but usually he is on the receiving end of the questions.  Our interviews with ESV have garnered some of our highest numbers.  In fact, he is known as "Mr. 40,000" (a moniker which bugs fellow wrestler Jocephus Brody to no end).
ESV was definitely up for the interview and knew exactly what to ask.  As a huge He-Man fan (and collector), ESV did far better than either Matt or I could have ever done.  I was very happy with the outcome.
I am always happy to use different people for interviews on  Aside from allowing a more knowledgeable person to ask the questions, it adds some flavor to have different faces, voices and perspectives.
I was even happier when ESV later told me how much he enjoyed talking to Cook and doing the interview for us.  Despite his "bad guy" persona in the ring, ESV can be a decent guy outside of the ring (especially if he is soothed by some He-Man swag).
I am happy we got the interview and that ESV did it.  I am also happy to have been behind this Friendly Encounter.  I hope there will be more ESV interviews in the future.
Tom Cook and Eric St. Vaughn in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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