Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the Beat with Brian Jordan

For as much as I follow sports and celebrities, I am horrible at recognizing them.  Luckily at the recent St. Louis Cardinals-Atlanta Braves game, JohngysBeat.com's newest contributor Jim Gekas was on hand.
As we were watching the Braves take batting practice, Jim recognized Brian Jordan, a former two sport pro athlete and a current broadcaster for Fox Sports.  While I certainly know Brian Jordan, I would have missed this opportunity if not for Jim.
We waited patiently as Jordan talked to players and coaches.  When he started to head to his area for a Fox Sports segment, I grabbed him for a quick interview.  If he was pressed for time, I really think Jordan would have talked a lot longer to us.  Jordan was friendly, funny and very at ease.  I loved his thoughts on his favorite restaurants in St. Louis.
In my post-interview research, I learned of the Brian Jordan Foundation.  It's stated mission is: "The Brian Jordan Foundation is committed to creating and supporting programs for children and their families that will directly improve their quality of life."  Jordan and the foundation do great work and I encourage everyone to check out BrianJordanFoundation.com.  You can also follow Brian Jordan on twitter.
I appreciate Jordan taking his time and for being a good sport.  I also appreciate the St. Louis Cardinals for allowing us the opportunity to have the access to men like Jordan and to my bud Jim for spotting him.  It is not often I interview a two-sport athlete, especially one who was as cool as Jordan!
Thank you to GT for this opportunity.  Thanks especially to the St. Louis Cardinals organization for their hospitality.

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