Friday, September 6, 2013

On the Beat with Lucy Mendez at Resistance Pro's "Stick It To Ya"

What a shock, Lucy Mendez is another real sweetie woman wrestler at Resistance Pro.  Don't get me wrong, Mendez is a talented and tough wrestler, as are all of the women at Resistance Pro.  They just all happen to be very nice outside of the ring and to their fans.
Mendez was trained by Hall of Famer Harley Race and she shows signs of his legendary toughness.  She has been wrestling professionally for about four years now and is ever-improving.
At R Pro's Stick It To Ya, Mendez competed in a tag match with Thunderkitty against Nikki St. John and Camron Star.  Despite the loss, TK and Mendez gave a great performance.
Speaking of great performances, Mendez mentioned the great match between D'Arcy Dixon and Mickie Knuckles.  It was interesting to hear Mendez discuss her respect for those women, too.
Mendez seems to have a healthy respect for the talented women of R Pro, as should everyone.  Any company can find beautiful women to wrestle, but R Pro finds very talented female wrestlers, who also happen to be beautiful and nice (when they are not kicking butt in the ring).
In our interview below, Mendez talks about her training, her R Pro competition, pizza and more.  Pizza?!  Yep, just one more thing we like about Mendez!
After you watch our interview, check out for all of the necessary info on R Pro.  Also, follow MendezLucy on twitter to keep up with this talented lady!

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