Thursday, September 5, 2013

On the Beat with Terry Pendleton of the Atlanta Braves

Chuck Gekas was there when I did my first real interview with Rick Monday in the clubhouse at Dodger Stadium.  Since then, Chuck has joined me on several MLB fields and has done a great job   Chachi made his 2013 interview debut in St. Louis and he hooked a big one.
How big?  How about a player who was the National League MVP in 1991?  Terry Pendleton also won three Gold Gloves, won the 1991 batting title and was an All-Star.  That is a pretty impressive resume.
Pendleton talked to Chuck about his favorite cities.  When asked about his favorite restaurants, Pendleton handled the question very well, although I am sure he was being honest.  It just came off as one of those genuinely feel-good moments.
Schedules don't allow it, but I would love for Chachi to join me more often.  He has a good rapport with anyone he interviews.  More important, I enjoy him being out there with me.  This is sort of like our little secret that we discovered years ago.  We still stop ourselves from giggling that we are standing on an MLB field talking to players and coaches.
I appreciate Pendleton giving us his time.  I also thank the St. Louis Cardinals for their hospitality and assistance in getting these interviews.  Finally, I thank Global Traveler magazine for giving me a huge writing platform.

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