Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bear Down Sunday: Game #7

The Chicago Bears stand at 4-2 and are tied for 1st place in the NFC North division.  Today they face the Washington Redskins who are 1-4 and struggling.
I won't hedge here.  I still fear RG3.  The Bears are having issues on defense and RG3 could find the many weaknesses.
Nick Roach came out of Northwestern and played 6 seasons with the Bears, before leaving for the Oakland Raiders.  Roach would look good back on the Bears right about now.
The Bears are hurting on defense, as players keep going down with injuries.  I fear they are one or two more injuries away from disaster.  Hence, my wish for Roach to still be here.
I met Roach last summer at Arlington Race Track.  He was great with the fans.  Roach and a few others were appearing there for "Bears Day."  It was about 110 degrees, but they were all great.  That is what I like to see.  That is what needs to be reported.  Roach had to be uncomfortable in that heat for hours, but he was awesome to everyone the entire time.
Thanks to Roach for a great day and also for several years of excellence here in Chicago.
Nick Roach and me in Arlington Heights, IL-August 2013.

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