Thursday, October 17, 2013

Johngy, Mickey and the Detroit Tigers

The White Sox are facing the Detroit Tigers (their division rivals) for the first time this season).  In keeping with the Detroit theme, I am featuring Comerica Park and one of their lesser known statues.
Part of the experience of going to the Motor City Comic Con is a Saturday night baseball game at Comerica Park.  It is an easy 20 minute ride from Novi.  I don't know if the MCCC organizers plan the convention on a weekend when the Tigers are in town, but they have coincided for at least the last four years.  I am 3-1 so far.  Unfortunately, this year, the Tigers were out of town.
Comerica is a very nice park.  My only complaints involve food and beverage.  The cola beverage is Pepsi and the food selection is mediocre.  For a new-ish ball park, this is disappointing.
In the outfield, there are several statues of Tigers' legends.  It's great to see statues of real legends and not just recent stars.
Speaking of real legends, they also have a Mickey Mouse statue.  Mickey is adorned in a Tigers uni (although the big buttons on the pants are  big disconcerting).  I don't know why Mickey merited a statue, but it is pretty cool nonetheless.
Mickey Mouse and me in Detroit, MI-May 2011.

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