Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the Beat with Ox Baker Jr. at Wizard World 2013

Ox Baker Jr. has been wrestling for many years, but he told us has been been drawing for even longer.  One might say he is an artist in and out of the ring.
We met Ox Jr. at Wizard World and learned a bit about him.  We always knew he could wrestle.  Just check out any of his matches on YouTube.  At Wizard World, we saw some of his art work and were quite impressed.  The man has talent.  In the interview, Ox Jr. gave us a little info on both of his careers.
To learn more about the multi-talented wrestler-artist, head over to the Ox Baker Jr. Facebook page and follow Ox Baker Jr. on twitter.  You can also check out the Ox Baker Jr. site to see some of his artwork.

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