Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the Beat with Resistance Pro Wrestling at "Alive"

Last moth, Resistance Pro Wrestling held "Alive" at St. Laurence High School on the far south side of Chicago.  It had been about 30 years since I stepped foot in St. Laurence and then I was cheering for their rival Mt. Carmel (my alma mater).
"Alive" was a benefit for the St. Laurence wrestling team.  Wrestling Coach Joe Phelan worked hard with the Baron Brothers to make this event special.  The action of the evening did not disappoint.  Once again, R Pro blew the roof off of the place and even got some in-ring help from Coach Joe.
During the course of the night, had the pleasure of interviewing several members of the R Pro roster and Coach Joe, too.  This is an interesting mix of interview subjects.  It includes three relative newcomers (Team I.O.U., Jake O'Neill and Chazz Moretti), two managers (C Red and Warden Myers), the Head of Security (Michael Bradley), the Merchandise Maven (Nicole Bellcaster), two R Pro wrestlers (Jocephus Brody and Eric St. Vaughn) and Coach Joe.
Each brought something new to the interview.  Whether newcomer or R Pro veteran, each is making a difference in R Pro.
This is just one of the beautiful things at R Pro.  There are 10 very different people featured in these interviews.  Some of them will go at it in the ring, but all are great folks outside of the ring.  All have a voice and all contribute to making R Pro the best thing out there.
I thank everyone involved with R Pro.  It has been a great ride and I look forward to staying with R Pro for the long haul.  I encourage everyone to check them out at and to check them out in person.  Their next show is Friday (tomorrow) at the Barn in Willowbrook.

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