Friday, October 25, 2013

Photographic Help From Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips first gained fame in American Graffiti.  What a classic that was!  It had so many young stars.  I loved that movie.
She then costarred on tv's One Day at a Time, which really launched her career.  I had previously met Valerie Bertinelli and Richard Masur, two of her costars.  Unfortunately, I will never get to meet Bonnie Franklin.
Like a lot of young stars, Phillips had a roller-coaster of a career and personal life.  She seems to be doing well now.
I met Mackenzie at the recent Hollywood Celebrities Show.  She was extremely nice.  She was also very patient.  The woman I asked to take out picture was having great difficulty with the camera.  Phillips gently tried to gently guide her through the process (maybe we should have asked Debbie Gibson again...see older post).  After a few minutes of fumbling, the woman finally was able to get the picture.  I don't mind any such delays.  It just means a bit more interaction with the celebrity.
Mackenzie Phillips and me in Rosemont, IL-September 2013.


Evil Zebra said...

You would have loved her TV mom, Bonnie Franklin......

I had the pleasure of meeting her in an elevator at the One Day at a Time set @ KTLA studios in Hollywood, when I was there on the set of Diff'rent Strokes with Dana....

She even held the door of the elevator for me.... but that was long before I was "EVIL" lol

Hackenbush said...

You dog, you!

Evil Zebra said...

Yo Hacken Bush...

I'm not a Dog, I'm a Zebra!!!

HEY... you related to George Bush??

Take it,