Saturday, November 2, 2013

On the Beat at the Chicago Bliss Tryouts

Last Saturday, we ventured out to the Bridgeview Sports Dome to observe the tryouts for the 2014 Chicago Bliss.  This was not your average sports team tryout.  The Chicago Bliss is coming off of their championship season, but as we quickly learned from Coach Keith Hac, every position/job is open for competition.
Hac is not one to sit on his title and cruise through 2014.  On the other hand, from what I know of the Bliss women, they are not likely to be on cruise control either.  As I have written previously, these women are dedicated and focused.
While many young, athletic women turned out for the tryouts, I doubt any of them will be able to pry the quarterback spot out of Heather Furr's grip.  Furr has an MVP award and a killer instinct in her arsenal.  The same could be said for most of the other players.  In fact, my guess is that the vast majority of the 2013 LFL champion Bliss players will return as they go for a repeat.
I have no special insight as to any of the 2013 team not returning, but my guess is that number will be few, probably 3-5 players.
The tryouts started with a rousing video followed by a direct talk by Hac.  Hac pulled no punches when he described what it would take to make the 2014 Bliss (veterans and newbies).  This was followed by a series of drills and tests.
It was cool to see the veteran players leading the pack, but also guiding the wanna-be's.  The veteran players are definitely putting the team first.  It si this type of attitude which was a major [part of their championship season.
In between all of the activity, I was able to talk to several of the Bliss players about the tryouts, the championship, the 2014 season and other fun topics.Below are those interviews with Dominique "DC" Collins, ChrisDell Harris, Jamie Barwick, Meredith Mulford and Melissa Oehlerking.  For, it was a nice mix of new interview subjects and ones we featured previously.  New or old, we love them all.
Seriously, if you have not realized it yet, I love the Chicago Bliss.  If you have not gotten on the Bliss bandwagon, you are missing out.  Everything about the Bliss is fun, yet the football is dead serious.  It is a winning combination and I am hooked.

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