Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the Beat with Joe Knetter at Days of the Dead 2013

Joe Knetter and Sarah French are two of my very favorites at conventions (or elsewhere).  They are talented, funny and very nice (yes, even Joe).
I love talking to them and interviewing them, but at Days of the Dead, I gave up my chance to let Christopher and Steven have a shot at the twisted author (I mean the author of twisted books).  Some might say it was risky letting kids talk to Joe, but I liked the possibilities.  I certainly did not put any restrictions on Joe, but in the end, he gave completely clean answers, as you will see.
We ran into Sarah and Joe while we were waiting to enter Days.  I asked both about the interview and both agreed (as they always do...one reason why I really like them).  Hearing I wanted the kids to do the interview, Joe quickly pointed out that he wrote Trapdoor with his daughter Katie (who was eleven at the time).  Obviously, Joe has a somewhat softer side than is visible in his other gore-filled books.
Don't get me wrong.  I am not complaining about his horrific books.  In fact, I own four of them.  I started with Room and enjoyed it so much, I bought the rest at Days.  Joe downplays his writing ability, but these books are full of interesting, unique and definitely gory short stories.  I immediately started reading Vile Beauty the night I got home from Days.
The kids asked Joe things on their mind and Joe answered very thoughtfully and patiently.  I appreciate Joe for his time, as always.  His interviews, like his books, always entertain me.
As much as I love his books and I look forward to future books, I have no plans on buying that infamous 8x10 of his.  Sorry Joe, I like you a lot, but no sale there, buddy!
For more info on Joe, check out JoeKnetter.com.  You can also order his books through that site or Amazon.

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